Saturday, September 02, 2006

I haven't posted yet about all the veterinary woes we've had this summer. Short version: All the animals have had non-life-threatening but nonetheless impossible-to-ignore ailments. Sophie developed reflux and now needs prescription food. Oscar had to have his teeth cleaned which revealed that he actually had to have several teeth pulled which somehow ended up with him having a wire in his jaw. It's been exhausting. And expensive. And hopefully it ended yesterday when we took the cats in for their yearly shots and had Superstar shaved. Yes, shaved. At some point she neglected to keep grooming herself below her forelegs leaving her fur matted into little kittie dreadlocks. Clearly radical steps were needed resulting in this:

Here's the before shot:

Yes, it's pathetic, But she seems much happier now, although it's led to Sophie harrassing her all the more, perhaps mistaking her for a new cat. Why do we own animals again?

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VoteJoe said...

Maybe it makes me a sadist, but I LOVE shaved cats! I love the color and softness of their skin. Maybe I should shave my cat Bacon. She frequently develops killy dreadlocks.