Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I like to check in on my hometown paper The Dayton Daily News from time to time. But I rarely find anything as amusing/disgusting as this headline:

"Bath In Sink Costs Xenia Burger King Employee His Job"

But wait, how did they know? Was their proof? Oh yes. He posted this video to his MySpace page:

"It's my birthday, and I'm taking a bath," he says. But the best line comes from the videographer, trying to coax an older, less easily amused co-worker to come look: "You can't see his penis or nothin'."

Or maybe the best quote belongs to the health commissioner who spoke to the paper. "They had already discarded about $10,000 worth of equipment and completely sterilized the sink twice," he said. "We just hope no one else follows through with (a behavior) similarly bizarre."


Fred said...

God, he's right. The last thing we need is a string of copycat fast-food-restaurant bathers... Imagine if this became, like, an internet meme? (shudder)

Eric Grubbs said...

Speaking of idiots on tape: I remember in '94 when some guys in my grade videotaped themselves blowing up mailboxes and air conditioning units. This was long before YouTube, and local news stations got a hold of the tape and played it. Eventually Hard Copy, Inside Edition, and A Current Affair covered the story.

I didn't know the guys who did this, but according to the two people interviewed by Hard Copy, they were were really popular after it went public. It was not the only time I was embarrassed to be a Kingwood resident.