Friday, February 03, 2006

The Star Wars prequels have created a whole backstory featuring droid armies to help explain anti-droid prejudice. But in 1980, there was only one really droid bad-ass droid: IG-88. First-seen... okay, only seen in the meeting betwen Darth Vader and the bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back he looks a little out of place next to Boba Fett and that pig guy (what was his name again?) But what's cooler than a robot toting a big rifle, even if he doesn't really do anything but stand in one place? Okay, lots of stuff, but IG-88 was cool enough to let my 7-year-old imagination run wild back then. And so, I salute him (it?) by positioning him as the second in Candy Cigarettes' ongoing Friday salutes to notable robots.

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