Saturday, August 05, 2006


This is going to be short one since much of yesterday was a battle between rock and roll fandom and responsible adulthood. Specifically, I had to wait around for a new refrigerator when I wanted to be at the show. Maybe it was more a battle between wants and needs. I wanted to see Eels, Ryan Adams, and Mates Of State. But I needed to eat unspoiled food.

Once it arrived, I left for Grant Park in time to catch the opening notes of The Raconteurs. Sounded great, but I wanted to see My Morning Jacket. They also sounded great, but I got pulled away so we could get a prime position for Sleater-Kinney's next-to-last show. That was okay. I'll see MMJ next time they're in town. Sleater-Kinney's not coming this way again.

You know there's anticipation for the show when the drummer's soundcheck gets a round of applause. It would be great to report they put on a transcendent show from start to finish. It started great and it got transcended, but it lulled a bit in the middle. And as much as I liked The Woods I would have loved to have heard a more career-spanning set. The emotions ran high in the crowd even if it looked like business as usual on the stage. When they finished, the crowd chanted for "one more song." But that was it.

Death Cab For Cutie started up across the field. They sounded good--and surprisingly arena-filling--but we kept our distance. Funny detail: It was easy to tell the age and sex of the average Death Cab fan these days by the high pitch of the cheers.

Today, nothing but rock and roll. Then, cold food when we get home.

Some Sleater-Kinney gig photos:

And who doesn't?

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