Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Quick hits on dog-related matters:

• I should have posted this sooner, but Stevie, Sophie, and I will be doing a 5K walk Saturday. to raise money for The Anti-Cruelty Society, the shelter we got Sophie from. Here's a link. We've raised something like $400 so far and I feel good about that. (We've had Sophie for a year as of yesterday, by the way.)

• We babysitted our pals' new pug puppy Iris over the weekend. It was exhausting fun. Here's me with Iris, both loooking sleepy (and, yes, I shill for my publication in my own home:

• If you do puppy-sit, make sure your own dog doesn't eat puppy treats that give her explosive diarrhea. Not fun.

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