Monday, May 22, 2006


From my work e-mail:

Good afternoon! I hope this note finds you well... Below please find information about the new MTI Home Video release of "Pirates" (July 11, 2006) - the new cut of the action/adventure film just received an "R" from the MPAA - the first time an adult film has been edited to an R!

From the press release itself:

Originally billed as a “swashbluckling sex adventure,” the new R-rated version of Pirates is being touted by MTI as an “action-adventure” offering, with the label playing up the film’s sea battles, sword fights and sorcery sequences. The original epic ran more than two hours, but the new version clocks in at a lean 82 minutes.

Why not call it Pirates: The Bits You Normally Fast-Forward Through edition?

On a completely unrelated note (or is it?), I'm trying to get through the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album because somebody has to review it. Has this band gotten really boring or have I just outgrown them? Also, would I like it better if it were an instrumental album? I think so. John Frusciante and Flea can play the hell out of their instruments but it's hard to figure out which is worse: Anthony Kiedis' vocals or what they're being used to sing. From the song I'm listening to right now:

The spirit of the dragon's tear
Is lovely at this time of year
My disenchanted diplomat
Asleep inside the laundromat

And it's two discs long.

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