Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So, it's been busy here but I need to squeeze in a post before everyone stops checking in. (All, 10 of you.) What's new?: Stevie's been fighting some sort of allergy/sinus/ear infection thing so we've been a man down. (One thing we learned: Don't take Tylenol PM at 5 am no matter how little you've slept.) We spent much of the weekend indoors, which was fine because it feels like Smarch outside. ("Lousy Smarch weather!") I spend much of the weekend cursing our wireless set-up for not working the way I wanted it too. I worked it out now life is okay. I can play any of my MP3s in any room of the house (almost) with the push of a button. It's a dream come true, at least for me. (Currently on the stereo: Gentlemen by Afghan Wigs which holds up so very well.

What else is new? My parents are coming to town and, as much as I look forward to seeing them, it's always a little difficult. They don't like the city. At all. They're still country folks at heart and they've both gone from rural to suburban settings in a lifetime, so asking them to make the leap to a big city setting is probably too much to ask. Still, hanging out in Skokie (the closest they'll stay to Chicago) wears a bit thin after a while. Fortunately they're coming with some more adventurous friends, which helps. We need to find some place to celebrate my dad's birthday. He'll be 78. Wow.

Okay, time for a new song: The Outfield's "Your Love." Add that to The Hooters on the list of minor, new wave-inspired bands who still hold up pretty well. Wirelessness. What an age.

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