Thursday, June 22, 2006


What's been happening here, broken down into pieces:

• In another very-married-weekend, much of Saturday was spent re-working our back room and putting up shelf after shelf from IKEA to accomodate our overflowing media. Looks good. Also, some crazy old woman called to say she'd found my cat. She hadn't.
• Stevie bought a new computer, coming over to the Mac side in the process. It's a new Macbook. Tiny but powerful. An apt accesory, in other words.
• Our cable/phone systems underwent a total shutdown (necessitating another frustrating conversation with our provider, who shall remain nameless) and then a miraculous recovery.
• The first of what should be an ongoing series of entries on books from the Big Cheap Box Of Paperbacks (see below) should be up soon. That acquisition dovetailed with an ongoing thought that, gee, I would really like to read some classic (or at least vintage) science fiction. I put all that away as frivolous too early, like toys and comics and all that good stuff. Now it's come back stong. The return of the repressed.
• Stevie's grandfather is quite ill. It's all a bit OT for this blog, but be sure to send her your best. It's not unexpected but that doesn't really help.
• Finally, there's no image that makes sense with this post, so here's a binturong:

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