Monday, June 12, 2006

R.I.P. Tim Hildebrandt

When I saw that Tim Hildebrandt died today I couldn't quite place the name. Then I saw that, with his brother Greg, he was responsible for this:

This is the image that, for me, erases all the special editions and lousy prequels, even restoring the veneer that time and age have stripped away, and takes me back to how I felt about this movie as a child. Just magic. The Hildebrandts were also responsible for this:

I knew it best as the cover to a Tolkien companion guide I bought at the height of Tolkien phase. No matter how good a job Peter Jackson did, this will always be what the Fellowship Of The Ring looks like. It was covered with copy for the book ("now with a complete guide to The Silmarillion!") and the image folded badly around the paperback spine. But still, it worked. So here's to the Hildebrandts and all the other semi-anonymous artists on packages and posters who probably never knew how many they reached, even if we don't always know their names.

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