Friday, June 09, 2006


My entry in Coudal's 2006 edition of Field Tested Books, in which various people recall reading various books in various places, is live. It starts like this:

In the summer of 1992 I decide not to go home. I'd just finished my freshman year at Wittenberg University and, rather than move back into my parents' house, I opted for a part-time job in the admissions office and an empty room in a virtually abandoned dorm. Great plan except for one small problem: Campus life at Wittenberg-a small, Lutheran, liberal arts school-was hardly thrilling in the best of times; during the summer months it's the kind of place where you could die in your room and it would take days for someone to notice. (That's not a joke; it happened two floors down from me.)

You can read the rest here

I'm keeping good company, too. Nathan Rabin's there and so are a bunch of other good writers.

***UPDATE:: Link is fixed now.****

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