Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have a MySpace page, just like everyone else. I usually check it every couple of days. Today I checked it twice. This morning I had no new messages or friend requests. This afternoon I had 12. Now I have 17. Why? One word.... Or is it two?: Cam-whores.

You've probably met them as well, especially if you set your profile to "male" and "straight." They set up profiles with provocative pictures that fig-leaf links for X-rated web cam services, or even other, non-X-rated sites. Take Grace:

She's just your average 20-year-old California girl who wants to be my friend. And if I want to see more pictures of her, there's a link for that too... A link to a laser-hair-removal service.

Ordinarily I ignore them but the deluge today is extraordinary. And then there's this. I'd like you to meet two of my new friends. First there's Gisele:

Then there's Mandoline:

Now, I suppose there's a chance that they're twins. The certainly make the same spelling errors. One links to another site (the ubiquitously advertised dating site with the come on "Want to see my in my birthday suite?" The other asks "Tell me if you like my birthday suite." Sadly, she'll never learn the answer. (Neither will Ashlyn, eMiLy, Miranda, Mandy, Shania, Larissa, Serenity, Ellen, Rianna Gloria, Ally, Kenna, Jasmin, or Leila.)

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Eric Grubbs said...

You mean even listing yourself as 'Married', you still get these kinds of Friend Requests? Hmmm. I don't get that many of these and I'm straight and single.

I'm guessing straight single women get a lot of Friend Requests from bros/dudes and that's why so many of them are listed as private profiles. Strange.