Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MY DAY: JANUARY 23, 2007

Because when there's nothing else to write about, there's always today.

• Went to the gym and finally gave the new Arcade Fire album a good lisen. Oh. Yes.
• Went to work and figured out some assignments between calls. Also reviewed the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album and learned that I actually didn't have crummy MP3 files. It really sounds like that.
• Talked to a publicist who informed us that the publicist of a famous actor had turned us down for an interview with no explanation. It was a real WTF moment. If I had to pick an actor that I knew everyone on staff considered one of their favorite actors it would be this guy. Again, WTF?
• Pulled the trigger on some iTunes tracks that had been piling up in my shopping cart, mostly Nas songs from those in-between-years recommended by Nathan and some Neptunes-produced songs I don't have already.
• I'm now watching the State Of The Union address. Is Obama sleeping? And if he is, will that kill his presidential run?

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