Monday, January 15, 2007

MY DAY: JANUARY 15, 2006
Because when there's nothing else to write about, there's always today.

• Realized I hadn't posted anything here for a while and decided I should.
• Realized that I was so wiped out by finishing my big freelance piece (yay) that I'm officially out of things to say.
• So here's a post anyway. Whatever.
• Went to the gym very early despite not getting enough sleep.
• Stevie had the day off so I rode the bus into work today. On the bus I was wearing my cold-weather hat, one of those ridiculous-looking but very warm hunting caps with the flaps and the (fake) fur lining. I had the flaps down over my earphones. I was carrying my shoulder bag and a plastic bag with my lunch in it, which required some juggling. Once in my seat, I took out a notebook to work on a review longhand that I needed to finish today when I noticed that the draft from the door was blowing my hair. So I moved across the aisle, a process that involved securing my iPod and notebook and moving both bags then settling in and repositioning all of my stuff and getting comfortable with my notebook again so I could start scrawling away in my indecipherable handwriting. It was at this point I realized that, to all appearances, the line separating me from a crazy homeless person had never been thinner.
• Wrote. Edited. Went home. Made homemade French fries. Am currently watching the Golden Globes with Stevie. Jamie Foxx loves himself.

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Eric Grubbs said...

I had a hat like that when I was younger. My mother kept calling me Floyd R. Turbo and I never could understand. I eventually got the joke . . .