Thursday, July 06, 2006

Maybe I just have comebacks on the brain because of something Noel and I are working on for next week, but here's part of a press release I just got that makes me think maybe a disgraced child star could find a better venue to reintroduce herself to the public. Do they still publish Swank?:

New York, NY (July 8, 2006) … According to TV Guide, fuse’s Pants-Off Dance-Off is the “dumbest show on television.” So dumb in fact that New York Magazine has dubbed it “brilliant and lowbrow.” The runaway hit show, featuring host and former Full House actress Jodie Sweetin, premieres July 18 at 10pm ET.

fuse’s Pants-Off Dance-Off is the first interactive dance/game show on TV. Initially premiering on April 18 as part of fuse’s FUESDAY TUESDAY late night programming block, Pants-Off Dance-Off features dancers of all shapes and sizes strutting their stuff and shedding their clothes to their favorite music videos. Night after night, contestants shake, jiggle and waddle down to their birthday suits, simply for the thrill of it and the chance to win cold hard cash prizes.

Or maybe not. What do I know? I haven't seen more than a few minutes of Patns-Off Dance-Off but it seems to fit in very well with stuff that appears to be popular just because people can't believe they're consuming it. (See also "My Humps" and (presumably) Snakes On A Plane.) It's disgusting! I can't believe I ate it! Is there any more?

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