Sunday, July 30, 2006

A few things you should know going in: It was hot. Way, way hot. We kept hydrated with something called "Water Plus," available at a dollar per fairly large bottle. (The "plus" is electrolytes and vitamins or something.) Second, I arrived late, later than the rest of my party, although that wasn't my fault. So I missed Hot Machines, Chin Up Chin Up, Man Man, Band Of Horses (whose album is great), Mountain Goats (never been a fan), Destroyer (too bad), and the beginning of Art Brut. Also it was crowded and we hung out toward the back, which was fine, but today I'd like to get a little closer. Mostly, what I saw looked like this:

And this:

(Stevie and I looked like this:)

But it sounded pretty great. Everyone questions their staying power, but for now Art Brut proves that you can be clever and rock at the same time. Favorite moments: The expanded version of "Moving To L.A." with its variations on "I'm drinking Hennessey with Morrissey," like "I'm drinking sherry with Bryan Ferry" and "I'm drinking gin with Vera Lynn." Also, the singer kept referring to his band in the third person, e.g. "Art Brut, are you ready?" I like The Walkmen's new album better with each listen, but the show basically confirmed that they should have thrown in a few more of the "hits" that the last one was so chock full of. The Futureheads were quite good, although I kept thinking of Simon Reynolds' assessment of the new wave of post-punk that's sprung up: It sounds great, but what's it rebelling against? But, whatever. It sounds great. We left about halfway through the Silver Jews' set, not because it wasn't entertaining. It was. But nature called and the thought of using one of the Port-O-Lets in the dark drove us away.

Today is the hardcore, all-day 'til-it-ends day. Yikes.

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