Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Okay, this was actually from several nights ago. But I've been busy trying to squeeze a five-day week into three days. We leave for New York on Thursday. So, the Arctic Monkeys. Were they good? Yes. Were they as good as the hype? Who is? But they were in very good shape and pretty fun. Some of the songs came alive in ways they don't on the album, although the lyrics were hard to make out (blame the accent, blame the amps, blame the Metro). And the lyrics are a big part of the appeal. "Maudy Bum" is a pretty good song about being a boyfriend that captures, intentionally or not, how boys sometimes just don't understand girls. Stevie and I were both taken with the bassist, a stoic, husky fellow who seemed determine to get the job done with a minimum of fuss while wearing a turned up polo shirt. I think every British-accented person living within 100 miles of Chicago was at the show and excited to be there. Some of the dudes near us kept shouting for "Riot Van" and the band didn't play it. They had to have heard the requests and they only have one album. Were they just being prima donnas or what? And what's with skipping the encore?

I was supposed to interview the band earlier in the day. I turned up in full serious rock journalist gear (blazer, black t-shirt, jeans) only to find that the band wasn't there. Apparently someone, somwhere got the impression that I was meeting them at the airport and riding the bus in. Nope. Nobody told me anyway. Now Marc H. is doing the interview. I was kind of looking forward to it by the end, but it was making me feel old. These guys were eight when I was in England. Oh well, I think I like Art Brut better anyway.

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