Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yep, the Oscars blew it again. I won't go off on a why-Crash-really-isn't-that-good tirade here (although I don't hate it the way some hate it. But to take the edge off, here are a couple of great clips. The first is Oscar nominee Dolly Parton performing with Porter Wagoner (before that all went south) in 1973. I'm not sure if it's shtick or if the performance really falls apart, but it's a pretty fascinating clip.

Next is Johnny Cash in a pair of clips from, I'm guessing, the early-'60s. First up is a pretty lame performance of the theme from Bonanza redeemed by the camera-phobic Luther Perkins' guitar solo. It's followed by short performance of "Five Feet High And Rising" that serves as a reminder of how good Joaquin Phoenix was in that movie. Someone give that man an Oscar some day.

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