Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've always liked Rilo Kiley but I've never liked anything Rilo Kiley's done as well as I like Jenny Lewis' solo(ish) record with the twin sister gospel duo The Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat.( A note about the twins: They're really twins from Kentucky and, from my perspective in the balcony of Park West, they appear to be about eight feet tall. As my concert-going companion pointed out, it's as if the spooky girls from The Shining grew up to be hot singers. Now that I write that, I'll bet they've heard that a million times.)

But anyway, back to the album and show. It's an album unexpectedly concerned with faith and the show at times felt like a revival meeting, with only a few notes of distancing irony. Lewis has the kind of yearning voice made for country music and I think she's found her level with this material. The band seemed locked into what she was doing and when she held the stage alone for the magic-realist fable of the title track, it was mesmerizing. I think she's catching on, too: The woman in front of me came in a dress like the one Lewis wears on the album cover. Was any of that talent evident when she appeared in Troop Beverly Hills?

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