Thursday, March 02, 2006

Okay, I think things have finally settled down enough for me to get back to this. I've been thinking about posting every day but it's been pretty hectic. Once we got our surgery-stricken pal back home and Stevie and I recovered from our various stomach and respiratory illnesses it was kind of rough catching up with everything. Well, that I working our way through more episodes of Smallville and spending a ridiculous amount of time on that Russian website mentioned on an episode of The Office where you can download MP3s for a few cents. It's real, it's awesome, and it's technically legal.

Anyway... what else is new? One thing I've noticed is that I rarely write about the news and politics here and it's not that I don't think about them. But I think the news and politics are prematurely turning me into one of those old men who thinks the world is going to hell all the time. (What's making me think that?: U.S. diplomats bombed, the inevitable implosion of Iraq, G.W. not asking any questions during the Katrina briefing, South Dakota essentially declaring war on abortion...) Actually, I don't think the world is going to hell. I think it's going to Ave Maria, Florida, a town being built by the former owner of Domino's pizza. No pornography, no birth control... but it will have America's largest crucifix. Don't get me wrong: Worship as you please but this collision of corporate money and imposed morals is what this country is starting to smell like to me. Also, I'm much happier when I get to post pictures of robots and superheroes, but Ave Maria's been on my mind.

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