Saturday, March 25, 2006


• Saw a taping of The Colbert Report. It was our first time at a television taping and not exactly what I expected. We have VIP passes, and while that might sound like it would allow you access to a room of plush couches and red wine, it just ensures better seating. A not-too-funny comic of the look-at-this-guy-where-are-you-from-sir? school of good-natured audience-confrontation warmed up the crowd then Colbert said, "hi" and did the show. Very funny, and Colbert seems to enjoy doing it.

• Had dinner at a place called Hell's Kitchen in, appropriately enough, Hell's Kitchen. It served Nuevo Mexican cuisine and powerful maragaritas. Very nice, but being in the real Hell's Kitchen still weirds me out since it's quite different from the Hell's Kitchen I know from Daredevil.

• Went to tour DC Comics, which has a floor decked out like Gotham and another floor decked out like Metropolis. Most impressive was the archives, a huge, climate-controlled room with every comic DC has ever published in bound volumes. Too bad that room was a look-don't-touch kind of place. Elsewhere, however, Stevie got to turn on the Bat Signal.

• Went to The Onion office and hung out for a while. Unfortunately, most of the people I wanted to see were busy and could only say "hi" for a second (although I did get a round of applause which was touching, honestly.)

• Had Korean barbeque, which was a first for Stevie and me. After much debate and consulting reviews on the Internet, we chose a place based on the use of charcoal grills. I don't really have a point of comparison, but it seemed like a wise choice.
• Went to the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza to see the city from above. Nice.

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