Thursday, January 19, 2006


What better way to begin a new online project than sorting out some old ones? Looking at my bookmarks bar, I realized that some of them date back nearly to the pre-history of the Internet as we know it now. Here's a sentimental journey of some dead, outdated, or just irrelevant links I had to purge:

Rodney's Joke Of The Day: The link's as dead as Rodney Dangerfield himself, but it turns out that is still a going concern. So is Rodney's Joke Of The Day. I don't know if these are all reruns or if they come, Tupac style, from the vault. But the site of an open-shirted Rodney delivering jokes like, "She was a wild girl. Her idea of safe sex was making sure the car doors were locked," now seems more poignant than disturbing. Or funny. R.I.P. (Though somebody really should take down the "E-mail Rodney @ Home" option.) This is now just a feeder for Real player. Goes to show you that even a strong URL can only get you so far. I remember this site having a great name, great design, and no memorable content. R.I.P.

Iconographics: Did these guys really go out of business? They were a movie poster shop that used to make the campus rounds. I still regret not getting one of the original Fargo posters with the cross-stitch pattern. I hadn't seen the movie yet, so I felt like a phony buying the poster, no matter how cool it looked.

Girls On Film: Not to gloat, but I always thought this site was bullshit, even though I kept pulling for them to turn it around. There aren't enough female film critics out there, but the put-on just-us-gals sass of their writing never did it for me. They had a book in 1999. You can buy it on Amazon for a penny.

The product page for Tenacity Of The Cockroach And speaking of books that could have sold better... Here's the Amazon page for The Tenacity Of The Cockroach:, The A.V. Club's 2002 interview collection. I used to check this obsessively for new comments and monitor its sales rank. Both have, um, plateaued. I don't even know what this was. Now it's a Microsoft-backed DVR.

The Unofficial WB site: Here's a footnote that's still up, if not exactly active: When the WB first started in 1995, they didn't bother with a website. Then they kept on not bothering, so someone made one for them. How nice. He seems to have given up in 2001, but if you're looking for info on Mission Hill or Jack & Jill, it remains a great source.

The rest aren't as interesting. Okay, even those above aren't that interesting.

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