Monday, January 23, 2006


It was the kind of January weekend that invited sitting around at home. So we did. The highlights:

• Excitement came in the form of finally setting the house up with wireless, which has been great, so far, although I've yet to make good on my promise of surfing the Internet in the bath. (Stevie seems more likely be test this out first.)

Smallville: After years of circling around it, Stevie and I finally delved into it. So far, I like it. It's not quite Buffy and it clearly has aspirations to be, and the monster-of-the-week approach is already starting to wear on me. But there's a windswept, Great Plains mythic quality to it that I like. My comic book shop pal Tom tells me that a) It gets better then gets worse and b) The actress who plays Chloe gets cuter. Now how is that possible?

• Chess R&B: After being neglectful friends (at least in that respect) Stevie and I finally tuned into our pal Bryce's show on Radio DePaul. It began by focusing on R&B and soul music recorded on Chess then kind of morphed into a Chess oddities show, including some totally bizarre psychedelic blues from Muddy Water's Electric Mud album. Must acquire. Bryce and I are cooking up a musical salute to Canada that will mark my return to college radio after a nearly 11-year absence. I'll keep you posted.

• Dog-walking. We love our dog.

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