Monday, January 30, 2006


Following an Internet train-of-surf today, I discovered a film fact I didn't know before: after he retired from comedy, Harold Lloyd spent years taking pin-up pictures. How I got there: First I saw that the trailer was up on the Apple site. This looks pretty strong. I more or less trust Mary Harron to make an interesting movie, but I wasn't sure about Gretchen Mol as Page. She at least, looks the part, so that's half the trick there. From there I went to the official Bettie Page site and that pointed me to this item, which brought me here, a sub-section of the official Harold Lloyd website. From the site:

After Harold retired from filmmaking, he became obsessed with 3-d photography. For over 20 years he traveled all over the world, taking close to 300,000 slides!

Throughout the 1950s, Harold snapped close to a hundred thousand photographs of young women, most of them nude. The girls came to his studio, or traveled with him to various locations around the country -- hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous models, whose curvaceous figures made them perfect subjects for 3-D photography.

And they're not kidding. Page is here alongside a pre-Faster Pussycat! Tura Satana. It's quite lovely work, really (if decidedly NSFW), as are his photos of his world travels. You'll have to shell out some big $$$ to buy the fine art prints, however.

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