Friday, January 20, 2006


My lovely wife Stevie bought me two tickets to a Josh Rouse show for my birthday and last night was said show. We made a night of it, going out for sushi, ice cream, and tequila and capping it off with fried cheese sticks at the concert itself. (Best to hit all corners of the culinary/alcohol worlds if you're going all out.) The show was pretty great, if a bit on the short side. Former Sarah MacLachlan guitarist Luke Doucet opened the show. He was only okay, but I do love the title of a song (really more a fragment of a song) from his new album: "if i drop names of exotic towns that you'll never see, in the songs that i write, it's that that's all i have when i miss my girl & you're taking your home tonight."

Rouse played a few new songs, barely touched last year's Nashville album and played a lot from 1972, which is my favorite, so that was okay. I would have liked to have heard more, especially since it was a nice, intimate venue and, hey, what else does he have to do? But he did play The Church's "Under The Milky Way," noting that it was "magic" song for him when he was 15. As Scott T. noted when I said that to him, that's pretty much true for everyone our age. Excuse the terrible photo. That's a sweater vest Rouse is wearing, not a flannel blanket. That'll teach me to buy a .5 megapixel camera. Below is a not-much-better picture of Stevie and me at the show.

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Stevie said...

I listened to Nashville today, and it looks like he played about four songs off of it: "It's the Nighttime," "Carolina," "Saturday," and "Sad Eyes." So more than we thought.