Monday, January 30, 2006

Pictured is Robert Nelson, a prosecutor in the trial of a dominatrix accused of manslaughter. One of her clients died of a heart attack while tied to a rack. To my untrained legal brain, she'd be off the hook if anything happened. I think anyone going into an S&M session knows there's some risk involved, particularly if you weigh, as the alleged victim did, 275 pounds. But her allgeged next course of action—letting him hang there then enlisting her boyfriend to chop up and dispose of his body—might not have been the smartest move. Oddly enough, however, it might have been this decision that led to a not guilty verdict. Without a body, it's tough to prosecute anyone for manslaughter. That didn't stop Nelson from trying, however and as part of his closing argument, he donned a leather mask and re-enacted the death. Didn't work. But at least he has some cool photos to remember the case by. And so do we all.

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Catherine said...

Just for the record... if you have a pretty good defense to begin with, there's no need to dismember the corpse.